What is the Best Fish to Eat for Weight Loss

Do you know that eating fish is a great way to lose weight? Not only does fish fill you up without making you feel loaded down but it also gives you a healthy dose of omega 3’s which are essential to your weight loss success. The most amazing thing about Omega 3’s is that they can only be found in fish, there is no other meat out there that will give you these precious fat blasting omegas. But what is the best fish to eat for weight loss?


There are many options when it comes to eating fish for weight loss. Almost every fish out there has great properties that will go a long way in keeping you healthy. But for weight loss purposes, there are only two fish that you should really stick with. The first is the sardine. Many people don’t realize it, but those tiny little sardines are natural fat blasters. The problem most people face is that they cannot stomach eating a sardine. So you might want to look at some different ways to add these fish into a salad or sneak them into another recipe so that the taste of the actual sardine does not bother you.


Of course, there is another option, you can opt to have wild salmon instead. Many people love the taste of salmon, especially when it is cooked right. And unlike the tiny sardine, just one salmon could easily fill you up. The other great thing about salmon is that there are so many great ways to prepare them. You can make anything from salmon steak to salmon stir fry, so you will literally never run out of recipes to make with this. Salmon is great for breaking down the fat around the belly, so if you are really looking to lose weight it would be a great idea to eat salmon at least three times a week.


These are the best fish to eat to help you lose weight and if you eat them you are almost guaranteed to see changes quickly. Remember, Omega 3’s are a crucial part of losing weight and no other food will give you the Omega 3’s that you can get from fish. However, if you are really looking for another great source of Omega 3’s you might want to look at chia seeds. These tiny seeds can be added into salads, yogurt, smoothies, or any other food item for a nice dose of omega 3’s.

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