Natural Weight Loss Herbs Take The Mystery Out Of Losing Weight

Excess weight can be the result of many factors, as well as excessive calorie intake. We’ll cover that below under weight loss tip. It is not simply a question that calorie input less than calorie output, then weight loss follows. Poor eating habits, or starvation diets can actually make you fatter in terms of body composition. Some diets can suppress the metabolic rate causing the body to destroy its lean muscle tissue whilst conserving its stores of fat. Weight loss herbs can assist with this. The result: a lower percentage of lean body mass and a higher percentage of body fat.

A typical male needs 2500 calories and an average female 2000 calories per day. If you restrict your diet excessively your body switches to emergency mode and converts most of your food into fat as a safeguard against starvation. Your body then uses its protein stores – i.e. muscles, and the smaller they get the lower your metabolic rate. Weight loss herbs on the other hand increase your body’s metabolism.

The first thing that happens when you cut calories drastically is that within a matter of days your metabolic rate will begin to slow down and your body will use up virtually all of its carbohydrates stored. If you also decide to limit carbohydrate intake, you compound the problem by cutting off your body’s most accessible source of energy. You will feel lethargic and unmotivated as well, because your blood sugar level will be low. Some experts believe all things being equal, a low carbohydrate diet will cause more of a metabolic slow-down than the calorie restricted diet. Not only will you develop nutritional deficiencies and be subject to greater illnesses and osteoporosis in late life, but your metabolic rate will remain decreased.

Unfortunately fat is the most efficient form of storing energy – or calories. High fat foods are high energy foods by each gramme of fat contains more than twice the calories of the same weight of carbohydrate or protein. Foods which appear to be healthy, eg. Nuts and even the oil in salad dressings can be devastating for weight control because of their fat content. Weight loss herbs can both burn off stored fat and prevent the fat you eat from being stored as body fat.

Our bodies are easily fooled by the different amounts of fat in the diet. The body also seems to be poor at recognising and burning off excess fat. A meal of carbohydrate is recognised quickly and the body burns it off because it can not store very much carbohydrate or protein. However, if the equivalent amount of the number of calories as cream or oil almost nothing will happen. Waiting fat reduced foods tends to satisfy hunger especially as they contain a reasonable amount of carbohydrate.

Protein defence, food allergy, vitamins and mineral deficiency, Omega 3 essential fatty acid deficiency, excess salt, toxic overload and weight loss drug side effects can all lead to fluid retention and easily add 14 lbs in body weight. Some weight loss herbs can assist with this, but the main way to control it is by watching what you eat. You should check weight loss tips below, especially if you are vegan.

Toxic overload leads to fluid retention, often seen as cellulite, as the body attempts to protect itself by diluting stored toxins with water. Complexes of body fat, toxins and water are formed to ensure the toxins do not leak into the bloodstream. Some toxins may be capable of binding hormones and rendering them unavailable to the body. Others may directly poison the endocrine glands themselves, or the sensitive cells in brown adipose tissue which are responsible for thermogenesis. Good diet, drinking plenty of water and exercise, remain essential to losing body fat.

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